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Prof. Dr. Reichenberger

Prof. Dr. Reichenberger is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery and the head of the plastic and reconstructive surgery unit at the ETHIANUM in Heidelberg. He serves as an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Heidelberg and is presently head of Center for breast reconstruction.

He graduated medical school at Bonn, Lausanne and Bochum and completed his residency in plastic surgery at the Plastic Surgery  Dreifaltigkeits-Krankenhaus Wesseling (Head: Dr. med. D.F. Richter) and Dept. of  Plastic. Reconstructive und  Hand- BG-UnfallklinikLudwigshafen, Universität Heidelberg. There he developed his specialization in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the breast, including microvascular breast reconstruction.

Prof. Reichenberger is author of many published scientific papers and book chapters and regularly presents his work at Plastic and Reconstructive congress meetings

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