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Motiva® workshop

May 18, 2023  (Thursday)   12.45 – 18.00


The capacity of the workshop is limited. Registration is possible without participating the congress. Attendance in the workshop must be ordered in the registration form.


Workshop topics

  • Evolution of Breast Surgery and Adaptability as a key aptitude in surgical success.

  • Differentiation of Motiva SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface from other surfaces that remain in the market.

  • Diversity of the available choices within the Motiva Implants® portfolio.

  • How to achieve the optimal outcomes with an advanced smooth surface.

  • Motiva MinimalScar® Breast Surgery.

  • Best Practices with SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®.

  • Inframammary Fold Fixation.

  • Implant Stability.

  • Advanced Techniques in Mastopexy.

  • MotivaHybrid®: Custom-designed, Omplant + Fat Graft Hybrid Breast Surgery.


s mezinárodní účastí 
Kongresové centrum České národní banky 
18.-20.5.2023, Praha 

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